Our experience

The company's approach to road safety audit work is based on extensive safety engineering experience and all of the road safety audits are carried out by two skilled safety auditors. TMS carry out audits on both a term contract and ad-hoc basis

Over the last 30 years, TMS has developed an extensive client profile with numerous Local Authorities, Consultants and Builders/Developers on a variety of schemes on local and trunk roads and motorway networks throughout the UK and Ireland. 

Some typical examples of the types of Road Safety Audit schemes TMS carry out are as follows:

New Roads
Motorways, Dual carriageways, Single carriageways, Link roads and Development spine/distributor roads

Junctions (Grade Separated)

Multilevel grade separated junctions, involving flyovers, underpasses, interchange links, slip-roads, loop roads and compact grade separated layouts

Junctions (At-grade)

Roundabouts (including signalised roundabouts), Traffic Signals, Major/Minor Priority Junctions (including ghost islands), Mini-Roundabouts, Commercial and Private Accesses


New Road Tunnel schemes (single and twin bore) including review of safety critical operational systems (such as emergency escape and refuge areas), Overbridges and Underbridges across mainline carriageways

Rapid Transit Schemes

New Light Rail Tram Routes, Tram Stops and Signalling, Bus Rapid Transport and Bus Priority Measures, Elevated Metro Schemes and Metro Interchanges

Pedestrian and Cycle Schemes

New Cycle Routes (on and off-carriageway), Footway and Footpath Provisions, Toucan Crossings, Pelican Crossings, Puffin Crossings, Pegasus Crossings and Uncontrolled Crossings

Traffic Management and Traffic Calming Schemes

One-way schemes, Gyratories, Reversion to Two-Way Flow, Signing and Road Markings, All Forms of Traffic Calming Schemes (including Road Humps, Speed Tables, Road Narrowings and Gateways)

Public Realm and Urban Enhancement Schemes

Shared Space and Shared Surface Schemes, Street Furniture Improvements and Re-Paving Schemes

New Developments

Commercial and Residential developments, including Section 278, Section 38 and Section 111 schemes

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