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Road Safety Audit

TMS has developed a world-wide reputation as experts in the field of Road Safety Audit and has carried out over 14,500 Road Safety Audits for a diverse range of clients throughout the UK, Ireland and internationally

TMS has carried out over 14,500 Road Safety Audits for a diverse range of clients throughout the UK and the Republic of Ireland.  Over the years TMS has also worked closely with overseas clients to bring forward the concept of Road Safety Audit on an international scale. 

TMS has a team of 10 Road Safety Auditors, who are all fully qualified to meet Highways England (HE) requirements, as set out in DMRB HD 19/15.  TMS auditors hold the HE approved Certificate of Competency in Road Safety Audit, enabling each team to carry out road safety audits on the UK Strategic Trunk Road and Motorway network.

Stage 1 - Preliminary Design

Stage 2 - Detailed Design (or combined Stage 1&2)

Stage 3 - Post Construction/Scheme Completion

Stage 4 - Monitoring (12 months & 36 months after scheme completion)

Centrally located on the University of Warwick's Science Park, Coventry, TMS is ideally placed to work all over the UK and Ireland; this is reflected in our diverse audit locations ranging from the Isle of Wight to Dundee and from Medway to Donegal.

Our timescales

We understand the pressures of tight project deadlines and the need for clients to receive a competitive, responsive and flexible service.  

TMS aims to complete road safety audits within ten working days but this can be as little as five days or less for urgent road safety audits, using our premium service.  TMS is very flexible and aims to meet clients specific project deadlines.

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If you would like to obtain a Road Safety Audit quotation please click on the link below.  The form will be submitted direct to Lorna Charles who will respond accordingly.  

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