Our involvement in the process

Through TMS and Phil Jones Associates teaming up, they will be able to provide all the elements required for an effective Quality Audit, and also to provide, when needed, the background and expertise necessary to manage the Quality Audit process.  

Although not trained urban designers ourselves, we recognise that nearly all of our work has an impact on the urban environment and public realm. We would like this to be as positive an impact as possible.




TMS are supportive of such schemes and offer complimentary services such as Road Safety Audits and Quality Audits working with urban designers to help achieve the design objectives in a safe and accessible way. 

Our style is one of taking a collaborative approach, fusing expertise on safety needs of users with designers, who are aiming to provide a quality and stimulating environment. 

Our experience

Within the Quality Audit process typically, TMS would carry out:

  • a non-motorised user audit
  • an access audit
  • a safety assessment at preliminary stage
  • a road safety audit at detail design stage

Typically, Phil Jones Associates would carry out:

  • an audit of visual quality
  • a street use review
  • a Place check audit



To help move Quality Auditing forward, TMS and Phil Jones Associates are looking to work with Local Authorities or development designers in carrying out a number of Quality Audits in a variety of situations.   




TMS and Phil Jones Associates have been involved in numerous Quality Audit projects over the last few years:

  • Quality Audit, Station Road, Tidworth
  • Quality Audit, Regents Circus
  • Super Hospital, Bristol
  • Urban Regeneration, Cheshire
  • Croydon South End High Street Improvements
  • Hereford Livestock Market Redevelopment - QA of Public Realm Improvements
  • Derby Street and Public Realm Adjacent to the Nicholson War Memorial, Leek
  • Blackpool Promenade - Post-Scheme Quality and Access Audit of Public Realm Improvements
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