Mobility Audit

Mobility Audits are sometimes referred to as Accessibility Audits or Disability Audits.  The Mobility Audit is a check on the scheme to ensure appropriate access to the highway for a range of users with disabilities. 


A Mobility Audit is a check on a scheme to ensure that there is appropriate access to the highway for a range of users with disabilities. The audit should consider the provision for:

  • visually-impaired pedestrians
  • hearing-impaired pedestrians
  • wheelchair users
  • mobility-impaired people

It focuses on barriers and obstacles that these pedestrians could face whilst negotiating the road layout.

The Disability Discrimination Act 2005 amended the previous DDA to remove an exemption regarding highway services. It is now a statutory duty for highway authorities to provide reasonable access to the highway for disabled road users, within new schemes.

The Audit is generally carried out in accordance with the procedures and checklists as set out in the Institution of Highways and Transportation’s (IHT) Document ‘Reducing Mobility Handicaps: Towards a Barrier-Free Environment.’

Information provided in the IHT Document ‘Guidelines for Providing for Journeys on Foot’ also tends to be used. Please note a Mobility Audit can be carried out by the same Team Members that may be carrying out any Road Safety Audit on the same scheme.

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